The RoyalKliner Tilt-In-Space and Positioning Chair

Patient tilt in space chair
Single Chair Convenience

The standard chair is designed with adjustability from head to toe accomodating more positioning needs than any other chair in it;s class, at a lower price.

Affordable Safety and Patient Comfort Seating Solution
  • Economical
    • Reduce the number of chair types and chairs.  The RoyalKliner comfortably accommodates a wide range of sizes, shapes and positioning needs.
  • Accomdate Patients
    • With the Following: 
      •  Need for posture assistance
      • extended periods of sitting
      • Swelling of lower limbs
      • Fatigue
      • Abnormal Spine Curvature
Caregiver Safety and Efficiency

Reduce the need for patient transfers and repositioning

  • Non-Skid Foot Board holds chair in place for secure stand and pivot transfers

  • Foot Operated Brakes lock both wheels simultaneously for fall prevention

  • Easy One-Hand tilt Operation for caregiver attention to patient safety

  • Unparalleled Adjustability and Cushioning to prevent pressure ulcers

  • Tilte and Posture Adustments designed to prevent sliding and slumping

  • High Quality Wheels for effortless mobility allow caregivers to focus on the patients

Standard Features
  • Countoured Back
  • Countoured Seat
  • Seat Tilt
  • Adjustable Headrest with Side Wings
  • Padded Arm Rest
  • Adjustable Arm Rest
  • Non-Skid Foot Board
  • Adjustable Leg Rest
  • Unibrake
Easy to Operate Model

Built-in hand controls and steering casters

Low Maintenance Cost
  • Polyurethane Upholstery
  • Maintenance-Free Tilt
  • Easty to Clean

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Optional Accessories
  • XL Shoulder Supports
    • Padded and adjustable to a wide range of physique’s and postures.
  • Knee Supports
    • Padded and fully adustable to accommodate most knee positioning situations.
  • Leg Rest Side Supports
    • Comfortable attachment to prevent legs from sliding off the leg rest.
  • Seat Extension Kit
    • Simple and economical solution to extending seat depth for taller residents.  Allows seat depth adjustment up to 24 inches.
  • Slip-Not Seaat
    • Seat with anti-skid upholstery and 2 inches of foam padding for use with your own pressure-reducing cushion.
Unparalled Warranty
  • 5 Year Mechanical
  • 3 Year Upholstery
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Promote mobility and independence with this comfortable, portable recline chair.

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