RoyalKliner Tilt-in-Space & Positioning Chair

Budget-Friendly Safety & Comfort Seating Solution

Single Chair Convenience

The standard chair is designed with adjustability from head to toe accommodating more positioning needs than any other chair in its class, at a lower price..

5-Year Mechanical Warranty

It is so durable and reliable that it comes with a 5-year mechanical warranty and 3-year upholstery warranty.

Optional Leg Rest Side Supports

Optional Leg Rest Side Supports are a simple and comfy way to prevent legs from sliding off the leg rest.

Optional Side Support Wings

Optional padded side support wings comfortably prevent slumping to the side.

Standard Adjustable Headrest

Soft, plush headrest is fully-adjustable with moldable side wings for diverse positioning. Comes standard.

One-Hand Tilt-in-Space

Simple to operate, adjust and maneuver.

Optional Slip-Not Seat

Anti-skid insert to keep your own pressure-reducing cushions in place.


Reduce the number of chair types and chairs.  The RoyalKliner comfortably accommodates a wide range of sizes, shapes and positioning needs.

Accomodate patients with:

  • Need for Posture Assistance

  • Extended Periods of Sitting

  • Swelling of Lower Limbs

  • Fatigue

  • Abnormal Spine Curvature

Designed for Maximum Safety:

  • Non-skid foot board holds chair in place for secure stand and pivot transfers

  • Foot-operated brakes lock both wheels simultaneously for fall prevention

  • Easy one-hand tilt operation for caregiver attention to patient security

  • Unparalleled adjustability and cushioning to prevent pressure ulcers

  • Tilt and posture adjustments are designed to prevent sliding and slumping

  • High quality wheels for effortless mobility allow caregiver focus on the patient

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Standard Features

Comes Stock with More Features than any Other Chair


Contoured Back

Thick foam with built in shoulder and lumbar support.

Contoured Seat

Raised from to help prevent sliding.  Plush comfort like no other.  Adjustable depth of 16 to 24 inches.

Seat Tilt

Tilt-in-Space seating lowers the patient’s center of gravity to enhance, stability, safety and comfort.

Adjustable Headrest with Side Wings

Can move left to right, up or down, tilted and pivot to accommodate tall to short residents.

Padded Arm Rest

Soft and fully-padded for maximum comfort.

Adjustable Arm Rests

Width is adjustable from 15 to 22 inches and can be offset to accommodate hip shifting.  3-position arm height and forward or backward tilt.

Non-skid Foot Board

Eliminates the process of positioning patient feet on and off the footrest for pivot transfers.

Adjustable Leg Rest

The six-position leg rest can be adjusted straight out or tucked out of the way under the seat.


Locks both wheels simultaneously from either side of the chair.

Low Maintenance Costs


Polyurethane Upholstery

Plush feel with 4x wear life compared to vinyl.

Maintenance-Free Tilt

Simple mechanism provides tilt-in-space operation without cables or gas cylinders.

Easy to Clean

Simple design to wipe down or deep clean for re-use.

Unparalled Warranty


5-Year Mechanical

All mechanical parts are warranted for 5 years.


3-Year Upholstery

The upholstery is warranted for 3 years.


Add More Comfort and Convenience


XL Shoulder Supports

Padded and adjustable to a wide range of physique’s and postures.

Knee Supports

Padded and fully adustable to accommodate most knee positioning situations.

Leg Rest Side Supports

Comfortable attachment to prevent legs from sliding off the leg rest.

Seat Extension Kit

Simple and economical solution to extending seat depth for taller residents.  Allows seat depth adjustment up to 24 inches.

Slip-Not Seat

Seat with anti-skid upholstery and 2 inches of foam padding for use with your own pressure-reducing cushion.